id say at the very least a 10-46

im guessing your guitar is a 25.5 scale?
if so then you should be ok with a normal light

but if its shorter, go heavier or it might be too bendy and sound like poo
i personally like it a little heavier (10-52 in drop C# with a fake floyd on a 25.5 scale)
Idk on that tunning but I like ernie ball 10-46 for standard tunning...
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Bit of a misleading title...

Anyway, Do you have a scalloped neck? If you do use .9s.
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i forgot what kind of floyd type setup, but some do

most dont though, any strings will do
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sorry for the off topic question, but are special strings needed for Floyd Roses? I didnt think so but then I saw some guy on youtube who said they are.

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nah man just regular electric strings unless u have the werid sysstem that floyd rose tried to do awhile ago the name escapes me for some reason, so im takin it that tens are the way to go on a floyd in drop c right and man im stoked i wish i thought to post a thread like this
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i use 11's in Drop C/D Standard but i like a little extra tension. i was using skinny top heavy bottoms, but there wasn't enough tension IMO for D standard on the first 3 strings. so i moved up to 11's and i'm not looking back.
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Whichever one feels good to you...I like 10-46 though.

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Preference. I like .10's or .11's, but I'll go higher before I go lower.
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9's and 10's are very common on floyds. 11's 12's can be a little difficult to setup properly at times. as a guitar tech, I can say that it helps to bring your guitar to a tech when going up in string guage on a floyd rose. especially on a bolt on guitar. depending on the guitar, your luthier may advise you to not use 12's. almost always when switching to a higher gauge string, a truss rod adjustment is highly recommended. bring it to a good luthier. he will also evaluate your springs and tell you if you need heavier springs.
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I like .9's for it, but I like really light tension on my strings.
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I use D'addarios .10 - .46 on my Jackson in D standard.

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