I liked the intro thing altough it sounded like there were some mistakes. the chords from 0:35 to 0:38 sounds beatiful.
With the solo at 2:09 there should be some other guitar or something to make it more interesting.
The recording quality isn't great so sometimes i can't hear what you're singing but that can be easily solved.

Fate's My Hitman

I like the contrast between the softer and the louder part. Your singing is really good and the parts when you sing a bit without guitar like 2:06 are also pretty good. I find that this song is more catchy than disconnected . And i like this one more but they are both pretty good songs.

Hope that helped
I would appreciate it if you would take the time to crit my band's songs they are the first songs any of us ever wrote and we really need some help making them better

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Of course there is like backing missing behind the solo and stuff because the rest of the band plays that. I was just playing enough to get the basic sound down and sing it to see if you guys liked my stuff. appreciate your guy's time.
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