This isn't your everyday which is better. I found a Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah-Wah (GCB-95) for only $30. Would it be worth it to buy this or would the more expensive VOX V847 be better?

I play mostly classic/hard rock and blues rock like hendrix, cream, zeppelin, aerosmith, jeff beck with a tinge of old school heavy metal like maiden, priest, van halen
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$30 for a crybaby is cheap... Go for it ;-)
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I've heard the original crybabys suck. I haven't played one though.
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Unless its electronic drums.

heck, i paid $80 for my crybaby. one of the best pedals i've ever used. go for it
Personally, I'm not very impressed with the Original Cry Baby.
I would say that you should play both the Vox and Cry Baby and decide which you think sounds and forget about the price.

And about getting the Cry Baby and then going on and modding it, I would say that you should just spend the money towards a better pedal that you won't have to mod right away.
crybaby 535Q?
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Spot on, JWZ28, spot on.

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I tried an original cry baby and my behringer hellbabe wah was better than it, and my behringer wah is ****!
So I shouldn't get it?

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Vox would be better for the first few you mentioned, but a Crybaby would be better for the latter few. I would go for the Vox. You said only a tinge of heavy metal so go with what you play more. Hendrix played a Vox, as did Clapton and Page. But everyone lse, except Joe Perry and Jeff Beck used a Crybaby of some sort.
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spend the 40 bucks, and then mod it for 7 bucks. and you have the best wah in the world. for 47 bucks
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Chea_man is the best.
its sounds like crap distorted, has very little control over the sweep and is super trebly if thats what you want then go for it, dont buy stuff you dont want cause tis cheap :P
If i were you, i'd get a morley.
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