Any tunes off off Halestorm's selftitled album besides the couple that are already posted here in the tab section.
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I didn't even think to ask, are there any songs in particular off the album you're looking to learn? If so I'll do those first so you can get at 'em.

I'd have to go with Innocence and Better Sorry Than Safe.

I really appreciate your efforts. I've never gotten the knack of tabbing things out, probably my 40% hearing loss is a factor.
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It's no prob! I'll have one of them turned into UG in the next few days, will message you as soon as it's up.

Sweet thanks man been lookin for tabs for them for a while lol
The tab for Innocence is now up! I'm gonna be out of town for the next week and a half or so, so I won't be posting any more of them til I'm back! Enjoy this one though, hope it's helpful!