A beauty. Nice work, it's just the same sort of interplay between guitars as all those different post-rock bands. Couple of things though:

-Add a bass! Absolutely essential as an accompaniment to the distorted guitar but I think it could also be a nice solo instrument for some of the quieter parts. If not, just some other countermelodies could be tasty.

-Not sure the stop works too well, it needs to be shorter or indeed taken out altogether.

-Your drums are unbelievably repetitive at the end, with the exact same pattern going on the whole time. Nothing drastic needs to be done but just a little variation would be good

-I couldn't help but feel like a different chord progression would have suited the distorted part better, cause as it is you've got the same progression throughout and it makes the song seem very, very short, even shorter than it is. Might I suggest G D Em C?

Still a well done song though, good work

Would be appreciated if you could check out and crit my song in return (here), thanks.
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Thanks for your ideas. I made some changes to the song and used some of your ideas and I think turned out to be better this way. Anyway I attached the new version of the song below.
I genuinely have no complaints; it's very creative, and well done. 9/10.

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