Here are mine, all but one of them are Grateful Dead tunes

Scarlet Begonias - Dark Star Orchestra, Ratdog
Sugaree - Dark Star Orchestra, Gov't Mule, Ratdog
The Other One - Gov't Mule (just a jam though), moe., Ratdog
Keasbey Nights - Catch 22, Streetlight Manifesto
Prowler - Iron maiden by black tide, but don't know if it counts as I haven't heard maiden play it
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All of Dark side of the Moon - Roger Waters, and a local play (they did a phenomenal job!)
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I haven't even listened to the original Scarlet Begiones, nevermind those ones. I've heard the Sublime one, though

Also, there's ENDLESS amounts of Paint it Black covers
I'm guessing you mean covers. Everybody does at least one cover.
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Master of Puppets - Dream Theater, trivium
Into the void - QOTSA, Kyuss, Exhorder
How about non covers

Mechanix - Megadeth

the four horsemen - metallica

There's only a few differences in those songs.

But Mustaine wrote an awesome song IMO
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"Crossroad Blues"- Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers, and Lynerd Skynerd.

And look what has happened to everyone who plays that song.
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All of Apocalyptica's Metallica covers.
Dream Theater + Queensryche - Comfortably Numb
Pretty much all of Dream Theater's cover songs, including their Metallica + Pink Floyd covers
Vio7 covering Crazy Train
The Great Kat's covers of classical music
Uli Jon Roth covering All Along The Watchtower (Jimi's cover)
Jimi Hendrix covering All Along The Watchtower (Dylan's original)
Johnny Cash covering Hurt

... too many more to name.
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Be sure to be able to recite at least one Shakespeare quote before and after each song.

Out loud, or in your head, it's up to you.
I saw Wintersun do Painkiller but I have yet to go see Judas Priest

edit: the accordion player on my floor in my dorm did an amazing rendition of Sweet Child In Time (and I haven't seen Deep Purple either )
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Knocking on Heavens Doors - Eric Clapton, Guns N Roses and Avril Lavinge
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Knocking on Heavens Doors - Eric Clapton, Guns N Roses and Avril Lavinge

Not to mention that Bob Dylan fella
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I saw Marty Friedman cover a bit of Eruption, and I saw Van Halen do it too. Anthrax covered I'm Eighteen once too, and I saw Alice Cooper do it.
Not to mention that Bob Dylan fella

He came up with the some though, he didnt cover it
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Smells like teen spirit - everyone

i hate it when people cover this song it always sucks really bad... also sweet child o mine









pink floyd did a cover of Knockin on Heavens door too


Sympathy for the Devil- Guns n Roses cover of Rolling Stones original
Gimme Shelter- Hawkwind, Patti Smith and Samantha Fox, cover of Rolling Stones original
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Knocking on Heavens door - Bob Dylan, Guns n Roses, Avril Lavigne

EDIT: Beaten to it.

You have entered the Twilight Zone
Beyond this world strange things are known
Use this key, unlock the door
See what your fate might have in store
Come explore your dreams' creation
Enter this world of imagination
Any Christmas song ever made- People who got bored with writing their own music
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I mean strictly ones that you have seen live, meaning that you've seen them at least twice with each one by a different band. Also it may or may not be a cover, for example on Keasbey Nights I first saw it by Catch 22, who the original version was released by. However, the person who wrote the song is the frontman for Streetlight Manifesto and I later saw them perform it.
TNT- AC/DC, Puddle of Mudd

thats all I got. AC/DC concert was amazing and Puddle of Mudd was free tickets so couldn't pass that up.
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Dancing with tears in my eyes has been covered by both Freedom Call and Avantasia.

EDIT: oh, live? None then.