Hi, I just recently joined UG but I hope to stick around, love this community <3

I've just started playing guitar again but I easily play for 8-10 hours per day

And I am not even getting bored of it whatsoever.

Thing is... I am trying to improve but I just do a bit of everything:

= Finger Dexterity Exercises
= Practice all sorts of techniques
= Learn new chords and put them into I-IV-V progressions
= Learn music theory and scales
= Play a load of songs (just learnt freewheel, behind blue eyes, king's highway etc

But I feel I am lacking direction. I want to be able to express myself and create beautiful music. But I suck at improvisation. Any tips you can give about how you've progressed would be much appreciated and helpful to all beginners. Thank You!
Be self critical. If you know you suck at something focus on it a bit and start working it out. Dont neglect your other practices but definitely up it on your weaker areas.
keep at it... that's all there is, i used to suck at improv. Pick some song you like with a kind of repetitive melody that sticks in one key (maybe has a bridge or something) and try to play something over it. Try not to get stuck in box formations either because then you'll build a bad habit.

Never stop playing

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8-10 hours a day? seems a little far fetched but regardless - practice!!! Not quantity, but quality. You can sit there for 8-10 hours a day and not be effective at all, or you could spend an hour of quality practicing and get more value

if you are really serious, find a good teacher and take some lessons to help build up some initial skills and a practice regiment - then its up to you to take it and apply it

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im kinda new but i got alot better really quick by


2.barre chords

3.covers of easy songs californication is a good 1

4.moving on 2 moderate covers layla ex.

5.pentatonic and soloing over jam tracks hope this helps
play with other people. Be sure to tell them you are still starting out and they will usually help you out. Also, take the riffs you learn from songs and try changing the notes to try and figure out what works good with you, then figure out how theory applies to it. Also, everything everone else said is really good advice too.


good luck, have fun.
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You'd kill yourself if you saw some of The Fall Of Troys song titles.

Possible future Fall Of Troy song title here?
lol im at the same point pretty much, 8 hours a day. right now im focusing on interval training and memorizing the fretboard since it seems like thats gonna be pretty vital for getting music from my head onto the guitar. and i been putting it off too long :/