hey there, here's an original i just recorded today, let me know what i can improve on! it's a simple song, so hopefully it doesn't sound like another song!

it's in my profile - Oh sunshine

I loved the intro melody, may have been a bit long though. I like the grittiness to your voice. Maybe the vocals could be slightly louder, not a lot though. The time change bit was a bit awkward, but I think quite a lot of the song is, for example the vocals seem shy.

Good work and the middle chord section could maybe do with a melody similar to the intro.
perfect, thanks alot man. and yes i agree the vocals sound really shy, although i tried to like sing louder to make it seem like not, so i dont know...

ahh yeh , good point, definitly should of added the intro in the middle..
thanks again~
nice man. great strumming and chords. this is the most like my stuff i've heard on here. a job well done. the vocals do seem a little conservative, but they are perfect for this song, and thats just how some people sing. it reminded me of the singer of velvet underground. you have that kind of style. i bet youre a toker too. this song made me wana light one up, and gave off nothing realy matters vibes. good job. the intro did seem a bit long, and maybe cut back on the lench a little but its good as is. a very laid back song.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1178270
haha sweeet man thanks. hahaha, i used to toke alot, i do it liek twice a week now.. trying to quit hahaha, anyways, i hope thats a good vibe ? hahaha dunno but thanks alot man.
im checking yours out rightt nerr