Can't believe there isn't a thread on this band
(yes I did use searchbar just in case I missed it, I went through three pages of results and nothing came up in this sub-forum)

My favorite songs are probably ventura Highway and Sandman, I also love don't cross the river

My favorite album is either Hat trick or Hideaway

They've been together a really long time too

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Great songwriters man.. they put on a great concert... don't let anybody tell you any different about America.. They aren't very flashy,but their songs will be on the radio for another 25 years or more ...
The Dewey Bunnell tunes have symbolic meanings ( Sandman was about the Vietnam war )
Gerry Beckley writes the Love songs.. I would have been happy to get the gredit for All the Lonely People ..Id never have to work again on a day job !!!
I know ^^ I never realized sandman was about vietnam, its such a creepy awesome song, the music definately fits the music perfectly, and one thing I love about some of their songs is that they are just "nice" like ventura highway is a perfect example of one of their ''nice'' songs

I really love that sound too, everything about them is good