Only one pic for now, as my phone's gonna die soon and I'm still at my grandparent's.

A Vox Valvetronix VT15. I should be getting the footswitch sometime within the next two weeks.
IF new, it should have been $200.

I freakin love these amps. By far my favorite modeler practice amp.
Quote by stykerwolf
HNAD bro
How much did you get it for?

It came to $300 with the footswitch. It was the only worthwhile amp there too (it was this, the small solid state Vox's, Spider IIIs, Fender FMs, a couple Spider Valves, and a tiny MG).
Good stuff man. Have fun with it.
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Vox VTs series are awesome modeling amps. I might even get one just for practice.

God...i have to stop saying that.....everytime i do an impulsive buying im like "its just for practice"
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