i have had a orange crush 30r for about a year. Today i went to play it and it sounds like something is vibrating in the amp when i play. It sounds like it may be coming from the speaker but im not certain. its like a vibrating/buzzing noise. I can hear myself playing but the sound is messed up beccause you can also hear the vibrating/buzzing noise. Any ideas what may be causing this and solutions?
It's probably something in the amp or near it, I used to have my 15 watter ontop of this large chest and the lock on the chest would vibrate and amplify. You should check to see if anythings around it first and if it is touching your wall.
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Something may be loose inside the amp. I had a problem like this with a Roland Cube - the metal grille in front of the speaker was loose, so it rattled like a bitch every time I turned it up past 10%. I tightened the screws and that was that.

Also, make sure it's not something near the amp.
thanks guys but i think the speakers blown
i just went to play it again and now there isnt any sound till i turn the volume at least halfway and even then its really quiet and the buzzing is really bad now