So what do you guys think? I was just looking around youtube for the gibson j-160 since im getting one and found a video of this guy who put electric strings on his. Sounds pretty good to me. and when plugged in, it almost sounds like an electric guitar...

Heres the link to the video:

around 2:40 is when he plugs it in.
It sounds like an electric because it essentially is with the single coil and electric strings. Personally, I dont like the sound of an acoustic with electric strings. My friend had them on his fender acoustic and it took away so much volume and life from the sound. If you want a nice and crisp acoustic, use acoustic strings and a piezo. If you want to sound more like an electric, do what that guy did.
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I can't say I've ever tried it before, but I've heard that it does take away a bit of that "acoustic" sound from your acoustic. Then again, the Beatles did this back in the day, like on "Twist and Shout". it's up for you to decide; if you like the tone, go for it; If not, I'd stick to acoustic strings. I myself like to string up my acoustic with acoustic strings, and my electric with electric strings. I generally keep things traditional.
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Besides the pickup on the 160, consider that bluegrass player Tony Rice is reported in at least one hard copy magazine to use electric strings on what looks, from memory, like a Martin.