I have looked all around the site and there is tons of good info but I am trying to find the best complete Tab learning tutorial for absolute beginners on this site to print out so I can study it at home and really really understand reading tablature. can you guys post a link? thanks all
el cheapo gear but it works
Some tabs actually have a list with definitions, like:

XbY - Fret note X and bend it up until it sounds like note Y.

I'm sure if you look on Google, you might find that kind of lists. Also, some people use different tabnotation than others..
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there is really nothing to study..

just line everything up with your guitar. and when it says like --2-- you play the 2nd fret of whichever string it says you play on.

then it just gets easier from there.
and if you are trying to play more difficult songs with hammer-ons and pull-offs itll say like

2h4 that means 2 hammer on 4
2p0 2 pulls off to 0

idk what else to say 0
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so besides the numbers on the strings representing what fret to play on that string there are no standard symbols for a hammer, pull-off, slide, etc...
el cheapo gear but it works
Yup, mainly it is
-----9h10----- hammer on
-----9p8------- pull off
-----9b10----- bend
-----9b10r9-- bend and return (play 9 fret bend to 10 fret and while ringing "unbend" to 10"
-----9/10----- slide
------x-------- mutes notes
How do you do the 9p8 ? Do you pull off the string while your other finger is on the 8th fret?