Ok before i start i just wanna say, ive never liked Suicide Silence. Not as musicians, not as a band, not EVER! But is anyone else a little pissed off or tired of hearing about suicide silence? For the past month it seems like everyday on the main page of blabbermouth.net or metalinjection or any sites relating, its another thing about suicide silence. And its not even like they are curing cancer or anything. It will be like," Suicide Silence member eats sandwhich at subway". Idk, for all of you who think there god more power to ya, but im just getting a little sick (and definetly jealous) of all their publicity.

/end rant
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i really liked SS's first cd, great deathcore album right there, but after hearing their new one i have to start to agree with you, I am getting tired of them. they changed, and not really for the better
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come on dude i do agree that the press they have been getting has been stupid but overall they are as well rounded as any other modern death metal band
I agree. The last few issues of guitar world have had them and a few other crappy deathcore bands with rather large articles. And a while back they did a story about the genre as a whole. I dont really see the appeal of the genre, it just sounds like crap.
They sound really boring and generic to me, and in my opinion very very overrated, but im not a big deathcore fan either.
I'm a huge fan of deathcore and it is pretty much all I listen to and I hate SS. It's embarassing that the most popular deathcore band is the most generic. The band is horrible and talentless.
They're definitely boring and generic.

Just remember that in 10 years no one will remember who they are.
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I listened to them and hated it. They suck.
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My bro is a huge fan, and I used to like them. One of the better 'Deathcore' bands out there. Not my thing though.
to all the ppl hating...do you notice there is only 13...well now 14 posts out of about 200 views. That should probably tell you something...I am a fan, seen em live twice n they rocked, and it seems quite a few other ppl either like them or could care less either way.
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