Hi Ultimate Guitar after watching some 'Home-Made Guitar' videos on YouTube I decided to look around for a old, second-hand and beat-up guitar to 'Do-up' over the summer of 2009. About three weeks later my friend said he would sell me his first guitar for £40 which was good because I don’t have a lot of money at this moment at no budget is set at this minute (It was a Cruiser by Crafter RG Series, RG-600/M.BK)

It was about five years old with meny dents and chips. Later that day i had bought the guitar, striped it and started sanding.

The body near the end of sanding (Front)

The body near the end of sanding (Back)

The neck near the end of sanding (Front)

The neck near the end of sanding (Back)

At the moment I’m still working on plans and designs but what I have planed is to throw out the neck Humbucker and the tone and switching system and replace the bridge Humbucker with a Seymour Duncan Invader SH-8.

Next week I will be filling in the hole for the neck pick-up

P.S. This guitar is a fixed brige and im not sure on how to ground it, could any one help me out?

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nifty. that thing has a cool shape. the wood looks like it's pretty decent quality as well.
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Sweet Zach!!!

Might I suggest turning the pickup selector into a killswitch?
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