Hey everyone!

My band is starting to pick up a bit and so I'm looking to acquire something of a bit better quality and more reliable.

I live in Canada and am looking for a hi-gain tube head in the $1000 USD (shipped) range. Used, obviously...can't really afford new.

Things I'm VERY interested in:
- ENGL Fireball (preferably the 100w version but will consider the 60w definitely)
- ENGL Powerball
- VHT/Fryette (Pitbull, Deliverance, etc.)

Other things I'd consider under certain circumstances ($$, condition, etc):
- Peavey 3120
- Mesa Dual Rec
- Framus
- Line 6 Vetta II
- Line 6 Spider Valve
- Madison Divinity
- Hughes & Kettner (maybe)

Will also consider other things... I'm sure I forgot something.
Not looking for rack gear right now.

Am also casually looking for a Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 or 4x12 cab.

Well I don't have a head but I do have a combo (just connect it to a cab or transplant it into a head) . It's a Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 50.
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2nd hand is the way to go with that budget - you can pick up something really good with $1000. Also, I've only heard good things about the G-Flex cab.
On another note, why a 100w amp? The lower the wattage the hotter the tubes - the better the sound...

Have you ever heard how loud a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is? 40 Watt will make your ears bleed.

Rhythm sounds - Peavey 5150, Mesa Recto etc.
Lead Sounds - Engl, Marshall, (most el34 amps).

Personally I would go for the Engl (2 channel amp with good cleans)

Wow, responses already!

The 60w ENGL Fireball doesn't have the same controls as the 100w version. Shared EQ, but the 100w has separate gain controls for the clean and rhythm channels, which I'd prefer. 60w is definitely enough for gigs
I'll pass on the combo.

I'll be selling my Bugera 6262 combo (retubed, biased, and shined up) soon. upgrading to a halfstack situation again, now that I have a vehicle to transport it.

Keep the offers coming!
dont think you can get the 100w fireball for under $1000 USD shipped. never seen it that cheap.
FS LTD EC-50 with GFS PowerRails Bridge pickup
bought an ENGL Fireball.

Thanks for all the offers everyone!
My second choice was a sweet Peavey 6505+. Too bad I couldn't afford both

Hopefully the Fireball is what I've been looking for