Hey all. I was planning on going to Radioshack to replace a blown fuse in my Marshall Valvestate 8100 but I was wondering, according to the schematics it says the fuse is a



fuse, now Ive looked online at different fuses, and was wondering, would a 2 amp 250 volt fuse work? (2A250Vac), or do I need some other fuse?
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You should really use the fuse type that is mentioned in the schem. Fuses are there to protect the circuit from shorts or overloads.

You can use a higher-than-stock amp/volt rating, but it's best that you don't, so that they can properly do their job.

What is your mains voltage? If it's 120v, use a 2A 120v fuse. If it's 230v, use a 1A 230v (or 250v) fuse.