hey guys, this is my first time stringing my guitar and i need some help .

i bought some ernie ball strings and all the videos ive been watching on youtube that show how to string a electric guitar say to put the string through this hole. ( the hole is on the thing that tightens or loosens as you tune your guitar, i dont know what its called). the problem is my guitar doesnt have the holes. i have a fender stratocaster tom delonge signature guitar. please help, i dont know what to do. thanks a lot.
I just looked up some pics and it looks like the holes are on top, like with a bass. Just stick the string in the hole and bend it around then tighten it. You should probably cut off a piece of the excess string before hand, just leave yourself like an inch/inch and a half of extra string
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First, you go to the Electric Guitar forum and look at the tutorials in the stickys there
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