Specs currently are:

Ash body, some sort of figured top (Zebrawood in the mockup)
One piece Maple neck
Santos Rosewood fingerboard, unlined, 12" radius (No choice, because that's the only sanding block I have!)
Hardware colour will depend on choice of top wood

I'm unsure as to what pickups to use, but they're going to be in soapbar shape regardless of what they are. I'm currently considering some standard J bass pickups but with wooden pickup covers to match the top wood.

I'm not sure if I want a 3+2 headstock or a 4+1, or even a 5 in-line right now.
Nice wood choice, definitely make a headstock logo, it would be nasty if you could burn your name into it in like script or something. Hope you can finish this one soon.

EDIT: Get black pickups, imo there's too much of the zebra stripes on the guitar and the black balances it out.
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