Unfortunately I didn't research things well when I initially invested in my cab and head.

I'm running a Peavey 6505 into a 6505 cab. The cab has 4 x 12 Sheffield 1200 speakers in it. I'm not very happy with the sound coming out of it - it's very dry and airy.

Any suggestions for cabs themselves? I am not sure if I should just try to find some Celestion V30s and pop them in there.
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You'd probably be better off selling the cab and getting a new one. Avatar, Mesa, Orange.
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I heard V30's sound great with these heads.

I personally use my Fender metalhead cab which has 100w celestions (I have no clue which model) and those two paired up are effin brutal.

But yeah, maybe sell it and go get an avatar with v30's in it?

Check your local CL if you have one. I'm sure there are plenty of cabs for sale on the cheap that would be better than that peavey one
Avatar, Vader, Mesa and Krank.. All good cabs for what your looking for..

V30's sound great and you can also go with Warehouse 30 clones. Also Eminence are a nice option and there coming up in the ranks pretty fast. I love my Eminence loaded Krank cab personally..
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Why not just change speakers for Celestion vintage ones ?

Honestly sometimes its just cheaper to buy a better cab pre-loaded with the speakers you want.. Half the time it comes out to be the same cost or possibly even cheaper and this way you dont have to break them in or have to deal with installation.