I've been looking at this guitar since it was first released...first from a nostalgic & collector's point of view, but now that I need a better guitar, I'm looking at if for playability options.

I've always like Joe Trohman as a guitarist and as a couple review sites said, this is a sig model that lacks unnecessary bells and whistles, making it just a barebones playing machine.

I like the body style, and the VCC would help on some stuff I play. I also will probably take out the bridge pickup if I get it and replace it with the Duncan Distortion that's in my Epi LP now. I actually think this would make it more "sig'ed" out because Joe uses that same pickup and my guitar are normally wound with Heay Bottom/Skinny Top's...Joe's string of choice

Just wondering sound quality though...the only vids i really saw on youtube was some kid playing on a marshall MG

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