So I've started to build a semi pro home studio. I've spend close to $3000 already on computers. mixers, mics and soundproofing.

Anyways, in my room that I'm using, I wanted to go with the plexiglass wall between the computer half and the instrument half of the room, and I just wanted your thoughts on the plexiglass idea, and if the plexiglass would have a negative effect on the overall quality of the recordings?

And thanks.
im no sound expert but i dont think anything too grand will change. Maybe if you have an amp facing right torwards the glass a foot away and you have the microphone right between the two, although this might create a cool effect. but i dont think theird be a huge sound differnce, see if you can go to a hardware store and if you can borrow one, or buy it and return it within a week, tho im not sure if stores like home depot would have it.