So, I'm looking at getting a new practice/band practice amp which is easier to move around than my Peavey Valveking stack

I've been looking on youtube and I like the sound of both the Peavey and Orange, but are you paying more for the Peavey's extra effects rather than a good amp? I don't think I'll use the effects.

I play mostly metal, and I've heard people say the Orange can't do metal, but a lot of videos on youtube say otherwise.

So which do you think would be better? Or any other recommendations in the same price range?

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i have the 60w tube vypyr and i love the thing to death. id def go with the vypyr
the orange crush most definetely can not do metal on its own. take the vypyr for metal.
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the orange crush most definetely can not do metal on its own. take the vypyr for metal.


The Vypyr has massively thick high gain tones, too. It's awrsome! misspelling intentional
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There's really no competition here between the amps. The Vypyr is a very versatile and great sounding practise amp. The Crush is not.
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