I was thinking about getting an acrylic clear body guitar and replacing all the wire with electroluminescent wire and putting led's in it and basically making it into a flood light

But... you need an Alternating Current for the EL wire and i'm not sure how i would incorporate that into the actual guitar wiring, any ideas? as far as i know guitars are DC if anything....

Thanks for any help
i know people have put led's in their guitar, as well as glowing wires... i think they used a battery inside the guitar however.
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So using the EL to replace the existing wire? Hmm. That'd definately have different tonal characteristics to straight copper wire. Also, without additional power, it wouldn't have enough power to light, and would lower the sound signal dramatically. Countering this, adding power to the circuit to light it up would make it noisy, and potentially unsafe for the amp.

This isn't even taking into account that the actual way the EL wire works would likely introduce noise into the signal on its own.

I'd say the best bet was running the EL wire on a seperate circuit.

Besides adding an AC power line in, not sure about powering it.


EDIT: Looking further, you can indeed run EL wire from DC, so batteries, or even a DC line in.
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There are kits of the wire you are talking about that are made to run off of DC current like what comes from a regular dry-cell battery. Here's a link to a website that offers different voltage and lengths of wire. I used something similar in a car before that ran of 12 Volts DC and this site has that plus some others that are 1.5 or 3 Volts DC which you can achieve with regular batteries. Good luck and good idea.

Edit: Sorry I forgot that these 'wires' as they are called don't carry any voltage so you could run them with the wiring of your guitar but not replace your guitar wiring with them. They are basically just colored fiber optic tubes that glow.
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awesome i'll have a look at all your ideas

hopefully i will be able to replace the internal wire with the wire kylewieldsax mentioned.

and then i may use EL wire externally with a battery

and maybe led's and glowing pickups and... oh god...
ohhh i misunderstood what u put, damn looks like i may have to use boring wire inside
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ohhh i misunderstood what u put, damn looks like i may have to use boring wire inside

Yea EL wire isnt actual wire that you can use to wire up a guitar, and its powered by AC not DC, so if you want to power it using regular batteries you need to use an inverter.

Guitar pickups produce AC so maybe you can figure out how to use that to power EL wire, which is what Im trying to do
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