So my problem is Traynor YCV40T for 600 or Bugera V55 for 650

The bugera sounds Amazing and i love it but it would have to be shipped from the states so id pay 450 american plus s&h to canada but the traynor is local. Now i dont know anything about traynor but im buying this amp for blues, blues rock, cleans etc. If anyone would inform me of the qualities of the Traynor YCV cause im at work and cant youtube anything that would be fantastic. I cant try either of these amps because my town only has Fender and marshall and a few vox's.
I've never played either amp, but I've heard pretty good things about that Traynor model for rock and blues, and like mentioned, Bugera's have been know to have reliability issues.
where can you get the BUgera V55 in the states? ive looked online at so many sites and no one has them. i heard of a few guitar centers selling them but the one in San Diego didnt have it or anything bugera last week.

but since i have played neither ne of these amps i would have to say do some searching on the internet about these 2 amps. very few people have played the 55 yet do to them not being here yet really
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