About a month ago, i raised the action slightly on my guitar, on the bassier side to try and cancel out some fret buzz. It worked to some degree, but whilst curing the problem on 1 fret, it has resulted in a loss of tension throughout each string. Beforehand id just raised my b string from a .54 to a .60 and now after changing the action its slacker than the thinner string was, and buzzes like crazy. Also, ive got a set of 10-52 for the rest, which after comparing with an older guitar are also slacker, about the same tuned to E as the older one tuned to D.
Ive tried putting newer strings on, in case i just overstretched them, but this results in the same thing. Im considering a change to a .70 in the 7th but dont know what to do about the others.

Any ideas about why this is like it is, or solutions would be greatly appreciated

did you adjust the intonation or the truss rod along with your action and string gauges?

if not, try that
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