the songs not bad but kind of generic in spots. the somewhat slower parts kind of reminded me of Celtic Frost. you can't really hear the drums very well and is there even bass. the playing is solid for the most part. i would have iked better solos as they seemed to be just blazing as fast as possible without saying much. solid effort overall. my stuff is in my profile.
Thanks for the (at times confusing/amusing) comments. I'm currently at work so will check you guys out over the weekend.

Monwobobbo- thanks, I thought the bass was pretty high for a song like this but there you go, thanks for your comments.
I dont like growls/grunts, but I could appreciate the singing and the guitar work, reminds me of Kill 'Em All/Ride The Lightning, Fight Fire with Fire for example. I could say I would like a more distorted tone, and a bit more scooped, also, the bass is indeed low, put it up some more. I like the solos, but again, more distortion is I think a bit nicer. Otherwise, the bridge reminds me of Metallica/Megadeth/Slayer, and the way it is recorded, it sounds old school which kinda rocks too actually. =)

Check mine if you like:
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I liked it, its my style of playing, but the growling I'm not so fond of. Its put together pertty good, not really any problems with it, the guitar could be louder and the drums, mabey just the whole thing needs to be louder. Sounds good though.

I have some simpler stuff:
Not too keen on the vocals but the riffs are good, I think it'd have much more impact if the drums and guitars sat better in the mix together. I'd listed to it.
i listend to twisted purpase. the vocals arent good. and i dident like the grunts/gowls. the playing was great though. but this was kinda hard to listen too. it sounded like you were almost trying to hard on this track. just a little over done. i liked when the other vocals came in around 125 i think it was. sounded much much better. not bad/but it needs work/maybe a new singer. also the lyrics were hard to understand.

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I like the music but your death growls sound really, really bad stick to shouting/hardcore yelling, but other than the vocals it was pretty good!
Old school thrash is my thing, and this definitely gives that vibe. I'm actually not a fan of the melodic bit/clean vocals - it basically ruins the old-school groove. The harsh vox really aren't bad, but they can be done better. Although the mixing is definitely part of the reason this sounds like 80s thrash, I think if it were cleaned up a little it would be a little better.

As I said, I'm not a fan of the clean vocals in this kind of song, but it's understandable that you want to add something to the basic thrash template. Otherwise though, a convincingly thrashy song to headbang to.

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