Which would be better Tascam US 1641 or Zoom HD16CD
Tascam is more of a simple solution,it costs pretty much the same.Its basicaly a simple 8 XLR input recording console.It has a USB conection.But could i record simultaneous tracks on my computer?I dont need any effects or anything like that so it looks like a good idea.
Zoom is ofcourse better looking,it has 8 XLR inputs,Records directly to its own memory and can be pluged to PC via USB cable.Looks like it has some more functions,like eq and better control using the faders.
Which one would be better?
Personally I would go with a Presonus Firepod unless you do not have a firewire port. While the Tascam does have 8 inputs since it is USB you will probably get a great deal of latency if you try them all simultaneously. On the other hand I would suggest an interface rather than a portable recorder like the Zoom. All of the needed controls will come with software probably bundled with the interface so don't worry about the functions of the ZOOM.
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