this is a celtic soft rock duet. Any advice? ideas? anything?


in all of the years, i've been haunted by fear
i never once doubted my fate, now when this cold sail
and this land loved soo well for death these old leaves make me wait
they have chained me and beat me
and made me confess, to things that they know are not true
through terror and hardship, and pain of this test
i have never stopped thinking of you
i'll look no more on your face
until i look down from the gallows
my life has been no disgrace
though i lived to long among the shadows


and all of the time, that you have been mine
i never once doubted your love
you fought and you fell
for a cause you loved well
tired of waiting for hell from above

Female With Backing Male Vocals

now they'll hang you and draw you
and cut you in four
and spike your head over the gates
through the hatred and torture
and the angry crowds roar
i will not drop my gaze from your face
you'll see no fear in my eyes
on the day you look down from the gallows
i'll stay and challenge their lies
though my soul cries out for me to follow
for far to much time, theyve been gaged in their crimes
and never once thought of our lives
as their darkness fell, we descended to hell
and death took our friends from our sights
they have starved us and killed us,
to make us believe, their right in the things they do
through the battles and burnings, and shameless deceit
our hearts remain steadfast and true
you'll no see tear on my cheek
on the day you look down from the gallows
your death will be no defeat
our son will have all of your tomorrows
your death will be no defeat
our daughters will be free of all our sorrows

Thanks John
Don't Knock on Deaths Door, Ring the Doorbell and Run!!! He Hates That!!!