So I have actually searchbar'd and I found out that I don't need a mic for bedroom playing with a talkbox which is good because I don't have one nor do I want to spend the money on one.

I just have a question on how it's hooked up.. I have normal pedals and usually it's guitar>pedal>amp. Is a talkbox just treated like an additional pedal as well? So would it be guitar>talkbox>amp?

BTW I'm getting the Rocktron Banshee first one. Not the newer, second one.

EDIT: I'm asking because I keep seeing on how to set them up from people, it says that you need an amp head and a cab. I just have my 30w MG..
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basically a real talkbox uses a separate amp completely (the guitar signal does not go through the normal amp... it goes to a horn speaker up a tube to your mouth, which is then amplified through a PA

there's some pedals now that act like a normal stompbox and play through your amp. these don't sound as good
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Also, it only works with a microphone hooked up to a PA system - you won't be able to practice at home all that well. Nor will it work if your amp doesn't have a speaker output (like most cheap practice amps, including your MG).
a talkbox makes a sound that comes out of your mouth, you're gonna need a mic to amplify it.

a talkbox DOES NOT change the guitar signal, if has a small speaker inside that makes the guitar sound, which then travels through the tube into your mouth where you shape the sound with your mouth.