Anyone else had this problem? Lately it's been happening to me. I"ll tune it to where it says its perfect, but then a minute later the lights will shift left or right quite a bit and i'll have to retune. I thought that maybe my guitar was going out of tune or the intonation was off, but i took it to a guitar technician, and he couldn't fnd anything wrong with it and when he tuned up and played with it it was perfect. if this is the problemm, then can someone tell me what are the best tuners out there and idc about price
have you changed the battery lately ? my korg gets jumpy when it needs a new battery.
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sounds like you need a new battery
i dont trust battery powered tuners much any more
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Is it the TU-2? First, just buy a power supply for it. Batteries suck and the power supply will pay for itself soon.

Be sure your volume is around 3-4.

Also be sure to mute your other strings while you play the one you want to tune.
i don't if it's just me being stupid or not, but i just found out that my tuner seems to work better with the tone on my guitar completely off and plucking the string at the 12 fret. idk if that is what your supposed to do or not but works for me
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It helps to use the neck pick-up as well, don't know why, but my tuner seems to track better this way
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i already use a power supply. and why lower the volume? and whats adderall

i'm no genius, but i think it goes like this. the volume knob amplifies the sound, no? well, the more amplified the tone is, the more it is changed and it is less of a "true" tone. so, if you lower the volume, you're effectively making the tone easier for the tuner to read. pretty much the same logic applies for rolling off the tone knob.

and i'm pretty sure the way tuners work is they take the base note and the harmonics to find how close the pitch is to being tuned. so if you pluck at the 12th fret, you're making it easier for the tuner.

btw, i'm pretty sure adderall is a drug they give to people with ADHD and narcolepsy.
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I was thinking the same thing when I posted it!!

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