i have a Kustom KBA10X at the moment but I'm looking for a bigger amp because I am starting to play with a band (just practising, not gigging yet) and need to be heard over the drummer. I'm thinking of buying an Eden EN10 50watt. i play mostly punk, ska and some metal.

what does everyone think of this amp and can you recommend any others to try out? (my budget is around £200-£300) i also need to be able to take the amp on the bus and train so nothing too big.

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I wouldn't look at Eden gear at such a low budget. I would go for either an Acoustic, Ashdown or Traynor combo within your price range. Something like this:


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Don't buy a 100watt bass amp. They're really there to trick you into thinking they're powerful enough because 100watts should be a lot, right? Wrong. For bass to be heard in a band, you're gonna want a minimum of 200watts. Depending on how loud your drummer/guitars are, 200 might not even be enough. For me, I've recently been in the market for a 350-700 watt rig. You might not need THAT much, but the point is...100watts will not be enough. So by that logic, 50watts is DEFINITELY not enough.

I guess 300 pounds ~ $500 usd? If that's true I will suggest...

Ashdown MAG 300

That's the 15" speaker version, they also have one that's 4x10. It's a tad more expensive though.

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Our bassist uses the larger version and it sounds great for the price - tons of volume and cuts through nicely.

My thoughts exactly. Our bassist has the HA3500 head with a 4x10 cab and it has just an amazing tone I must say!
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