I'm 16, and I've just got my 2nd driving lesson. The instructor's pretty famous around here for being an ass so obviously he was criticizing about how bad i was and yeah..

Well I got my permit (from the written test) at February, and I took my first behind the wheel at around June. My friends told me the 6 months before the license counted after the first lesson, but the instructor dude told me no, I could get it at August (if I was good enough) since I got my permit at Feb. (This was during the first lesson, 2 months ago)
Now, he tells me it'll be impossible for me to get it at August, because I got my first behind the wheel at June. Wtf???????
So I need to know what's right... six months count after the permit or after the first lesson?
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It's for sure from when you got the permit.
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Might be different, but in Canada it's 8 months after you write the G1 as we call it. I'd just call up the place and try and book an appointment. They will let you know if you can write or not.
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For Ohio it's 6 months after you get your temporary license.

Really, driving instructors don't have any say in when you can or cannot take your test, except for giving you your certificate of completion of Drivers Ed. It's mostly up to your parents when you can or cannot get it.
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its from the time you get your permit.

hes an anus alright.
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