Hello, I'm a practicing musician, and have some experience in local bands. I happen to be in a very interesting circumstance in my life right now, and have the ability to move pretty much anywhere. I don't have much family, I don't have too many friends where I'm at, I'm single, and I'm young. I don't have anything tying me down.

Being that I recently left the bands I had been playing with, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on good cities or places for musicians? Since I can move pretty much anywhere, why not move somewhere good, right? I don't plan on moving in the very near future, but I'm making plans to move in, at most, 6 months.

One must understand that I live in rural Pennsylvania, where talented musicians are few and far between, and venues even fewer. My options are limited where I'm at, but the world's my playground.

In case the style of music I play matters (and I certainly believe it does), I play/write alternative rock/post-hardcore (P-H in the manner of Fightstar, Thrice, etc. Not a whole lot of screaming going on)/ art-rock. The emphasis is on Alternative, and my music's been compared to 10 Years, Breaking Benjamin, or 30 STM. I play guitar, bass, piano, and I sing (my forte), and play limited drums. I write for many instruments, including the ones I mentioned playing and the full orchestra, and have many songs I've written by myself. I don't mean to go on so much about myself, but I'd like to make this an educated decision.

I understand that LA, New York, and Nashville are old-hat, so to speak, and flooded with musicians. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been advised to steer clear of those cities.

I've have considered international locations, namely Britain, but I wonder if that would really be better. American cities I've given consideration to are St. Louis (probably not a good one), Las Vegas, and Chicago. But, honestly, I'm pretty dumb on the subject, and have been trying to do research.

Can anyone help?
Thanks a lot, and my apologies for the long, rambling post.
Well.... seeing as the music biz is about connections, consider where the biggest, most influential connections in the world live and work. I don't know about where a lot of these people live, but I'm willing to bet that they spend a lot of time at the major label head offices, which are in New York and LA. (and like most people... if they spend a lot of time going there for work, often move there)

(For country... Nashville is THE place, but not for rock/pop)

Yeah, NY and LA are old hat. Yeah, they're obscenely over-populated by musicians. That's why! Do you think you're going to just happen to meet Bob Rock or Quincy Jones or Madonna or any of those people in DesMoines, Iowa, or hell... even Chicago? Or do you think they might be more frequently hanging around the head offices of Sony/Universal/EMI in New York or LA?

I suppose if you lived in Chicago, you might get to meet one of the guys from Wilco. Or maybe one of the Smashing Pumpkins, but Mr. Corgan lives in LA I think. Gee... I wonder why he might live there....

Get the idea?

As far as Euro cities, London is probably your only serious bet, but that's just a guess. Google some of the major music industry players and see where their European head offices are.

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