So i've just picked up a BBE 326, and i'd like to know if it's sculpted your tone much? I've noticed a slght difference, any tips on how i can help it really.....maximize?
MY understanding (which i hope isnt off) is that the BBE is a timing device. Basically it sends the high freqs out a fraction of a second after it sends the low freqs in hopes that the listener gets the full range all at one time.

I have the 482i and love it, i never turn it off
I have the rack mount 482i. It is great, even though my 6505 has two dials that seem to shape tone similarly (Resonance = Lo Contour, Presence = Process)

My understanding is that the Process nob gives a boost to high frequencies (I believe it increases the range of high frequencies as it is turned up). Imagine putting a blanket over the cab and slowly removing it - that's what turning up the process does.

The lo contour nob appears to do something similar with low frequencies, giving it a booming, roaring low end.
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