Thanks for the crit on mine.

I'm not really a huge fan of metal-core but I'll give this one a go. I have to say that up til verse one there wasn't really a riff that really caught my attention - there are some good riffs, but nothing that's really amazing to me, I do think that they fit well with the drumming however.

The verse was okay, the bridge got better, and your prechorus is definitely the first section of this song that I really like, for the most part. At first I wasn't a huge fan of the chorus riff but it did grow on me slightly.

To be honest, the second time around the song actually sounded quite a bit better to me. Maybe I'm just getting used to the feel or whatever, but I personally think the song just sounds better during the second repeat. I liked your use of harmony throughout the breakdown, well throughout the whole song in fact, but again - nothing too special for me.

Overall it isn't bad. It isn't my style of music at all and I still enjoyed some of it so that's a good sign. You have some good parts in here scattered throughout, like the harmony parts during the prechorus, but there isn't really a section that completely grabs me. Not bad though, work on it a bit more I'd say.
Thanks for the crit on mine!

Im critting this one as I listen, the intro is good and has somewhat of a Lamb of God feel for me. Its very good imo until bar 19 -33, it seems weird but thats just me.

The preverse is interesting and original and I like it.

Verse = Awesome I really like the progression

The leads and licks in the bridge are nice as well.

Somewhat of a generic breakdown though...

overall I'd give it a 7/10
Thanks for commenting on mine

Metalcore... *sigh* I'm sorry, but I won't be jumping up and down with excitement with this one, I just don't like this style. Will try my best to be constructive anyway:

Intro - ok, first thing, there's no need for the bass player to limit itself to mimicking what the rhythm guitar is doing. Varied rhythms is the way to go. You do seem to have a good sense of rhythm nevertheless. Chord progression is generic but it's the style's fault, not yours.

Pre-Verse - tempo change works well. I see you're having some fun with time signatures now. Sometimes it works ok, sometimes it doesn't (the 1/4 bar 46 sounds bad, sorry).

Verse 1 - pretty good actually. The 3/4 bars worked really well, as did the short licks. Anything that brings novelty and variety to the song is good, I wish there was more of that.

Bridge - more time signatures... I suppose this time it flows better, even if in a very odd way... xD still, I'm not convinced with your usage of odd rhythms so far.

Pre-Chorus is probably my favourite part of the song - some chords, yay! Basically some of the much-needed harmony I was hoping for, want some more of this.

Chorus - was expecting a *booom* of intensity there, but instead I got a relatively boring riff, the excitement after pre-chorus dying out. Chords would have helped make it sound more "epic".

And then you decide to repeat the whole thing from the beginning... :/ You know, some variation wouldn't have hurt. Ok, maybe you have the vocals over it, but still, that's no excuse - repeating stuff like this, making the song unnecessarily long, is going to turn off your listeners. Sometimes, little, simple variations on the rhythms or harmonies do quite enough of a difference.

On to breakdown... now something that hasn't happened before in this song, lead and rhythm guitars actually playing different things.. pretty good, but once again, should happen more often. The instruments should complement each other rather than playing all the same ok?

After that... oh surprise, everything repeats again from pre-verse to chorus. Annoying. Sorry if I sound bitter, but there really was no need of all that copy-pasting.

Overall, not bad, but for next time please work on variating your themes and making better use of the band at your disposal. There's potential in this, as much as there is in metalcore at least, but lots of room for improvement too.
The intro and pre-verse do get boring fast, no variation from the progression makes it more repetitive.

The verse was decent, but it did jump all over the place, not bad.

Bars 85 to 92 were good, I did enjoy those.

The pre-chorus is another good spot, good job.

The galloped part of the chorus was pretty sweet.

In the breakdown I like the guitar underneath, sick.

Overall, it was okay, nothing breath taking,long ass song, it had to be nearly 9 or so minutes, make sure you do change the monotony of it, besides that, it's decent, 7/10

Yes, poop.