Alright guys,
Am selling my very well looked after Agile Al3000, fantastic guitar. Had it 2 years, it's a stunning little beast - I just don't have the time to use it enough! Make me offers! For pick-up in Suffolk, or postage around the UK.
No worries. It's in Spalted Rootbeer, this is a pic from the rondo music site.


My guitar is in absolutely brilliant condition, especially considering how long I have had it. I can get photos together tomorrow. What do you think? PM me how much you'd be willing to stretch to (obviously dependant on photos)
Alright lads & lasses. Pictures here now 2 very small usage marks. One on the head, right at the top, very small, no more than 2-3mm long, and one on the bottom of the neck, very small also, probably 1.5x1.5mm.
Well, judge for yourself. Am just about to restring it, when I go out and get strings.







That should do it. Enjoy.
PM me with offers
Quote by ProfDrum
would you mind taking the neck pickup out and photographing the cavity?

In all honesty, I wouldn't know what I was doing, and I wouldn't want to cause any damage...
im confused... why is machineoflurve posting as if it is his?

Anyway, i got you PM, cheers for the pics. I personally wouldnt pick that finish myself, not my kinda colour, but at the same time you dont get agiles over here, so ill give it a bit of a think
haha, sorry man. MachineofLurve was a second account. I forgot my password. It's all sorted now. Not a problem man. Give it a think-but get in touch sharpish. It's a bit of a rarity in the UK and it plays like a dream...
oh ok mate, makes sense. Well dont hold it for me or anything, if you get another offer then take it. Im going to a shop in the next few days which stocks burny les pauls but if im not too fussed ill possibly take the risk and gets yours. I'll let you know
just to let you know you can only bump once every 24 hours, its in the forum rules. Me telling you this is ironically a free bump however...