anyone have any pointers on how to hold a minor chord using the thumb for the bass note?

like with an A major, i could just put my thumb down and use my first three fingers easily.

what the best way for minor, using my index for two strings?


how i hold dis?
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barre the 5s on the b and g with your main finger, hold down the 7 with your pinkie, then use your middle finger for the heavy e. to play the chord you can either pluck it, arppegiate it, or just strum. enjoy.
that's what i thought, but i was having trouble. I'll keep practicing, thanks
Theres nothing wrong with learning to use your thumb. Your thumb, if large enough could frett the E and mute the A string. Being able to do it both ways is the way to go. But pick the one that leads easier into the next note/chord.