I have found that Schecter makes a great guitar. In terms of versatility they're made to rock, but that doesn't mean the clean is bad, just use the neck pickup and roll back the tone. Buy it, now.
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Well the reason I ask is that it has the coiltap option which should, in theory, improve the cleans. I just want to know how much the cleans will actually improve. But Yeah I've heard that they're great guitars..
Oh right i hadn't seen that, yeah that'll definitely brighten up the tone.
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I think Schecters are awesome. I own a Tempest and love it! I don't own the Omen but I've played one at our local store a few times and its a really good guitar. If there's a Guitar Center nearby or any other store that carries it, go check it out. The only way to find out if it's right for you is to play it yourself.
my rythm guitarist has a stargazer and he used to have a C1 classic and they were both quite versatile
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Ok Thanks all of you, I'll be sure to go do that
Can anyone reccomend any guitars similar to that? Pricewise ? No SG/LP shapes please. They bother me :/
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Try the Tempest. I play mostly stoner/southern metal type stuff (Down, Corrosion Of Conformity) and the Tempest is perfect for that type of music and pretty much for any metal or hard rock. The coil tapping also comes in pretty handy for cleaner stuff, but just make sure you have the right pickup. I have the Dimebucker in the bridge position and I had to do tons of tweaking on my clean channel to get it to sound decent. I'm thinking of changing it out though.
It doesn't look too bad except for the fact that my parents don't have a real good understanding of "You get what you pay for" And so they want to spend as little as possible. Which is a problem because I want to get a solid upgrade from my damn Squier strat. I think I can maybe get away with spending 400 bucks or so and thats why I looked at the Omen.
That sucks. Schecters aren't too expensive and they're good quality guitars. I don't think anyone, outside of guitarists, understand that 400 bucks for a good guitar isn't a bad price.
Your parents are buying you a guitar? Luuucckky
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Lol. I'm payin for most of it. They wont LET me spend MY OWN money. However that makes sense... I think my savings are going back into the college fund