So I've been playing from a Line 6 Spider III 15w for about a year now, and since my birthday's coming up in a few months, I thought I would look into an amp that I might want to get. I don't need a huge upgrade, so anything between 30w-75w would do.

I play in the Pop Rock/Pop Punk genres. I play songs from Paramore, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Hey Monday, etc. So, I need an amp that'll give me a good Pop/Pop Punk feel. I don't think I could spend anymore than $350 on a certain amp, so that'd be my budget.

I heard Peavey Vypyr's were cool?
Dude I would go and check out a Peavey 112 Valveking, has great power for small gigs and just jamming, great tone, two channels, and it's a bit less than 350.
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roland cube, maybe. very versatile

check them out
He doesn't really need versatility.

A Laney AOR + Bad Monkey would probably give you the tone you're looking for, but only if you are gigging really. If you want a practice amp, HT-5 + Bad Monkey works.
I do really small gigs with my band at this one restaurant. But I don't care too much for a real gigging amp at the moment.

And thanks, I'll check everything that was suggested.

Does anyone else have other suggestions??
Whether or not you gig is of extreme importance. If you do, VK or a 75w Vyper. If you don't, Roland Cube 30, Blackstar HT-5, Epi Valve Jr., Blackheart Tiny Ant or the 5w Blackheart, can't remember the name.

Don't get a Marshall MG or a Fender Frontman.

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Well, I'm gonna do two more like outdoor gig things in the fall, so yeah.

And alright, I'll check those out and steer clear of those amps you mentioned. Ahah.
More suggestions please? Of if you agree with any of the already mentioned amps, please feel free to say so.
I agree with a small tube amp. The Little Giant and HT-5 come to mind.

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I agree with a small tube amp. The Little Giant and HT-5 come to mind.

I agree with this. Also, if you're going for a british voice, Marshall is coming out with a 5-watter... but i haven't the slightest idea how it sounds. just letting you know. it's a fair assumption it won't be american-voiced.