Lately I started working with my brother and I finally have some cash to spend.
I've been looking through the Guitar Center magizine and these two guitars caught my eye



My price range right now is pretty much 700 dollars
I've never had any experience with Semi-Hallow bodies but I've always been interested in one
What do you guys think about them?
or any other suggestions around that price range?

What style do you play? Any specific aspects of the guitar you're looking for? (Wood, pickups, knobs, shape, etc)
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I would look for either a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul Junior. they seem to be a couple of the best guitars at a decent price for any style.
Well I play everything from worship music at my church to messing around playing heavy metal with my friends. I really like the shape and finish on the LP but besides that I'm pretty open. I also really like playing ska and reggae with my friends.
Bands please? They're all rather wide genres of music.
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