well, i today i bought my first guitar, an ibanez JV50 jam pack, game with gig bag, electronic tuner, a other little bag, 5 picks, and a strap. all i have to say is i love it! its an awsome beginner guitar and i reccomend it to any beginner and it was only 185$ canadian. now, my problem, i was tuning it, and this is my fault, i tuned it to loosely and the string broke. if im going to get a new string i might as well get a whole new set, and i was wondering, does anybody have any recomendations for new strings, all help would be appreciated.
This opening up a whole can of worms given all the different brands and materials etc.

Probably your best bet is getting a "light gauge" set so as a beginner it will be easier to fret and play, etc.

As far as brand - welcome to the long journey of finding one you prefer, I like Daddarios