the great dilemma is this.
im in the market for a bass wah-wah pedal
i am stuck between 2 options. the dunlop bass crybaby. and the ebs stanley clarke signature wah-wah/volume
i have tried the dunlop and it suited what i want as an intermidiate player. i have no way of trying before i buy the ebs, which is a concern being that it costs almost twice as much.
im wanting this to be a pedal i keep for life, not just something that "will do"
is it worth risking the extra cash on something that may not be that much better even though it is from a much more higher class manufacturer?

any helpful comments are appreciated
I just use a dunlop crybaby tha I got for guitar and it sounds great.

In fact I never even bothered looking for a bass wah, I didn't know they even existed and I love the way mine sounds plus I only payed like 75-80USD so i basically got 2 pedals for the price of one pedal that was already a good value.
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at the moment i have a zac wylde signature cry baby and so far i agree with you, it has served its purpose, but it always lacked in the lower frequencies, and it hardly even registers with my new humbucker equiped 5 string, where as the bass crybaby has perfect tone response with every note i can throw at it, so i can only imagine the ebs would prove the same if not better, plus the added volume pedal saves me buying 2 pedals.
Well I personally like crybabies(crybabys?) so I'd probably just go with the bass crybaby because it's cheaper, better than what you have, and it seems to be just what you need.
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I have 2 wahs on my board - the 105Q and the Bootzilla. The 105Q retains the bottom well but is way too subtle an effect when sounding like a proper wah and wah too envelope-filter-y when not being subtle. I think the wah as a wah is a guitar player's effect and that throat gwah is requisite. The 105Q is more of a swish.
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true the 105 is more of a swish, but i have no way of telling how the ebs sounds, thats where the dilemma lies, i would be happy with the 105 but i dont know if the ebs is better
try an Ibanez Weeping Demon. I've heard and seen good.

but, if you like the 105, get it.
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thanks for the help guys, ill look into it more and hopefully i can find some reviews on the ebs one.