Basically, I'm looking to record some stuff, and I've been unhappy with the quality of my previous recordings. Essentially anyone who's self-recorded with professional-sounding results, you tell me what to do since I'm a complete idiot with this kind of stuff.

Stuff with which to record;
~See Sig and profile for guitar gear.
~Shure PG48
~Rock Band USB mic(I know, I know, but it's USB and cheap)
~M-Audio FastTrack
~Lenovo ThinkPad w/ Sony Acid Studio 7 installed

And as soon as I start getting things at cost + shipping from work, likely in this order;
~One of these basses into one of these amps (I know it's not the best bass recording rig in the world by far, but it's better than a Squier Affinity into a Marshall MB, isn't it?)
~One of these for drum tracks (Again I realize it's not professional, but it's better than relying on the drum loops in Sony Acid, right?)
~Shure SM57
~Apple MacBook
~Lace Hot Gold Sensors for my strat

So yes, please help a noob with recording set something decent up with all this.

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i would just di the bass
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