Ok, I have given up searching for a left handed guitar. I was thinking of getting the ibanez rg1550m but $1150 is more than I want to pay. So I decided to give building one a try. The only thing I can screw up is the paint right? So I am going to list some of the options available

1. What are jumbo frets compared to stainless jumbo frets?
2. what is a good neck radius? I was looking for a neck like an ibanez but their neck radius is 17 in and the choices are 10, 12, or 14.
3. would it be better to buy just the body and neck and then buy the hardware of my choice?
1. stainless steel jumbo frets would be nice as stainless steel frets tend to last much longer than standard ones, whatever there mix of metal is.

2. To get closest to the ibanez radius, i would just go with a 14in radius. that is the flattest that is available for you since you are buying a kit, it will be the most similar to the ibanez radius from those choices
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Do you want a floyd rose?

no, fixed bridge. I just referenced the rg1550m because of the feel.
Well you don't have to paint it since they offer matte covered bodies. And stainless steel frets are absolutely amazing. You haven't bent until you've bent on stainless steel frets. Totally worth it.

If i were you i'd get the Carvin Bolt Plus Kit with these specs:
-MA - Maple Neck/Alder Body (Standard) $0.00
CSB - Satin Black (optional kit finish) $50.00
TN - Tung Oil Finish Back Of Neck (Natural Wood) $50.00
PTHR - Reverse Pointed Angled 6s Headstock $60.00
BMF - Birdseye Maple Fingerboard $30.00
ABD - Abalone Dot Inlays $20.00
STJF - Stainless Jumbo Frets .055" H .110" W $40.00
R14 - 14in Fretboard Radius $40.00
-C22B - C22B Bridge Pickup (Standard) $0.00
-C22J - C22J Neck Pickup (Standard) $0.00
-400 - Black Coils w/ Black Bezels (Standard) $0.00
-CH - Chrome Hardware (Standard) $0.00
-46 - Elixer 1046E Light Gauge .010 - .046 (Standard) $0.00
SL - Dunlop Straplocks $10.00

Guitar Total: $729.00

or you know whatever wood you want...

I just strongly recommend stainless steel. 14 inch radius. dunlop strap locks. and tung oil neck finish.
for the tung oil neck finish. is that what ibanez and jackson do for their necks?
I'm not sure. I think they may apply gloss finish.
Gloss finish is kind of sticky.
Matte finish is smoother. like the 27 fret xiphos neck has it if you've ever played one.
tung oil is the smoothest and least sticky. you can fly across the neck on that one.