OK... well basically me and my best mate decided to start a band and we've found a drummer who is REALLY good... i'm going to either play guitar or sing... but it depends.... will we need two guitarists?? i know it'll sound better with two... but yea, kels(my mate who's playin bass), reckons that one will be enough... but i have my doubts about that!!! anyways... if we find two other guitarists, then i will do vocals cuz i actually can sing, and am learning to scream ... but i can't play guitar and sing at the same time!! so do recomend that we DO try and find other guitarists... or just stick to one??
The other thing is a name.... we've got a couple of good ideas... but i really like "the futures behind us"... what do you reckon???
Cheers ppl
my band has two guitarists. im one. its very hard to sing and play at the same time, im behind you on that, but i would try and practice it. one guitarist would be ok, but I think two is always better, for hard rock anyway. I really like that name aswell. check out my band on youtube at Jetstreamband1
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i play in a band and i'm the only guitarist, when we write songs that fit our musical abilities it sounds good. it can go either way, you could try practicing playing and singing, practice will make you able to do both with ease eventually.

Although if your band is going to be rock/hardcore, two guitars might be better to give you a fuller sound and biggger/better. So i would suggest two guitars, but don't be afraid to try singing and playing, its hard at first but gets easier and easier!