Yeah I'm not very experienced in the technical department of playing an instrument.

I have a Ibanez GSR200, and I don't really know what amp I should get. I'm looking for a practice amp and something to play smaller shows with.

The amp I currently have is a small Drive amp, that distorts when I turn it up past 3 and makes my bass sound horrible.

Price really isn't as important as quality, because I've got a job and what I'm looking for shouldn't be that hard to come by.

Anyone got any ideas?
What style of music do you play? How big is your band?

I would recommend the Hartke HyDrive 210C, it's a solid amp.
Gear I Want:
-Boss GEB-7
-Boss LMB-3
-Boss CEB-3
-Korg Pitchblack
-Boss ODB-3
-Fender Road Worn 50s Precision Bass

Gear I Have:
-Peavey Millennium BXP =]
SWR WorkingPro 2x10C =D
I've got a three man band at the moment, maybe add another guy soon. at the moment its rock stuff, covering some funkier songs like Chameleon, rest is more older rock like the who and zz top. I guess its a rock band for the most part.
Check out the sticky for good but cheap amps.

For amps big enough to play with guitarist/drums.

Check out the Acoustic B200 combo, or Peavey 115 combo.