Now that you are in the correct forum, I will give you a crit. Bumping rarely helps btw.

I'm not sure if you're trying to play the solo note for note, but if you are, the first bend is too long. You've also mixed up a lot of the phrasing if you're trying to copy it.

Aside from the notation issues.

Your timing is a little rough. Try to listen a little more to the backing track so you get a sense of the beat. You frequently begin a run a split second before the beat or after. Really try to listen as you play.

Some of your sustained notes are also out of tune as if you were bending them accidentally. Try throwing some vibrato on the sustained notes to get a more lively sound with less chance of sounding out of tune.

The main issues for me are the poor timing and sense of phrasing. But those come with practice and pure amount of time spent playing. You can't have a perfect grasp of those after a year. Considering how long you've been playing I'll give it a 3/5. It needs some work, but it's not horrendous or anything.

c4c if you feel so inclined.

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Seemed really good, just a bit off time at some points.

Also work on your bends to get them to the right pitch.
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you have very good technique! but you need a little more timing maybe. you have a good tone though
With more experience your timing and feel of bends and such will get better, but after 1 year i wasn't even able to barely strum basic chords yet, so good job man, keep it up, you're going to get to where you want to get on guitar
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its been said before, but your tone is good and your timing is way off. if the backing track wasnt there, i wouldnt have much negative feedback, but it really does clash. on the bright side, practice does make timing easier, so thats really all you need to work on in my opinion- sounds great otherwise.
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well thanks everyone for your feedback i will listen to the original song and the relationship with the drums and bass and the guitar and try to fix some stuff up i started today and i have actually stop and played when you supposed to at time and thanks againg for all your feedback