so a friend of mine wrote a song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdEM9S5cGHE heres the link)

and had asked me to write the guitar part, ive tried for a couple of days and cant seem to come up with anything that fits this song, so my question is would anybody record them playing along with the song so we can get some music to this (you would get full credit for the guitar part of course)
Like what are you wanting specifically? Do you just want someone to play chords over this, or do you want like an actual lead guitar part with chords, fills, etc?

If you just want to "chord her" while shes singing, it seems to be in the key of A and a very simple progression (from what I heard).
i would be fine with just chords, i just cant seem to get a decent melody going that sounds good with song
It could also be in F#min, now that I listen to it a little more. But her voice is singing the melody, so if you just want chords, it seems like a basic progression. Are you familiar with those?
ive tried it with some basic chord progressions, but i just cant get the guitar to sound good with her singing, i dont normally play or listen to much music in that style so i cant really get a grasp on the stumming pattern
We can probably continue this via PM, and a mod can lock this thread, if thats alright with you of course. I can probably help you from this point on.
Okay.... no prob.

As requested...

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