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this is an updated recording of a song i did about a year or so ago. this kid who i'm myspace friends with posted the following bulletin:

I just wrote a song...it's a sad love song. lol

"im a teen, and like all other teens, i like having friends and hanging out. but theres this girl, see? shes more than the world to me, but yet i cant show it. im to really a talker; more the talkee. you say something, i say more back to thee. heres the thing. im not the talker, and more that with her is." i want to be hers, and her to be his. nothing works, he feels like its impossible. but theres realization that nothing nothing should stay this way. he tries to change, doesnt make a difference. he tries to talk, but nothing seems to change. his life's headed down, he knows what he wants. he has the pictures, she is the bride, god only knows hes giving the service, but why? he knows what he wants, he doesnt know how. hes wanted it all along now. shes his dreams, his one desire. but that boy burns alone, like a country fire. hes sitting here now, hoping for her; to come along and cease his hurt. its not true pain, but emotional desire. he'll take what he gets, but its still a liar. he tells the new one, he loves her so. but its a lie; as anyone who know. nobody knows, the pain he feels inside. of all the dreams hes thrown aside. she's still waiting, the first no success. he knows what must for his access. to what he wants, the love, the happiness. but its all falling now, nothing more, nothing less. he's out of ideas, hes lost for now. shes thinking of him, hes thinking, but how? his last demand, is for her by his side. he tells her the feeling, she responds with one bland: "i've felt the same way, all the way along. why didnt you come, share it, and we'd be happier than a teen in a cheap thong". he falls then. never to return. its over, his fight, his journey. his problem was bad, could've been easily solved. but he'll never know, how or what it involved. the end came. the end left. regrets of what could have been are the debt. he still doesnt know, how it could change. yet he wonders, and hopes for it to be arranged. he still lives on, in a body of same fate. he knows how it happens, but with more hate. he now has more anger, stirring inside. he knows what he wants, just not a surprise. its ended before, the story so blank. its now sad of how his love forever sank.

now.. any bands willing to take this song?

after several hours of intense laughter, i obliged. although i took it in a bit of a different direction than he had intended it, i think.

your thoughts? note that the drums and bass are midi with soundfonts on them.